Wedding Thank You Cards

Before you know it, you'll be writing your wedding thank you cards. Here are a few guidelines:

Thank you notes should be sent within two weeks for gifts received ahead of your wedding.

Three months is the latest that thank you's should be sent for gifts received at the wedding, but try to mail them out within a month, if possible.

Sincere gratefulness should be reflected in your note. Try to thank the person in the same tone you would use if you were talking to them face-to-face.

Personally write each card to give it a personal touch. A handwritten thank you card is also like a gift in itself.

Blue or black ink should be used and be sure to use the same ink color for both the thank you cards and the mailing envelopes.

The couple should write them together. Sharing responsibility takes the pressure off a little. If you try to write a little each day, the whole writing project will seem less daunting.

Everyone involved in the wedding, from the flower girl to the best man, should receive a note of thanks.

Be careful not to step on any toes in writing your cards. DO NOT mention you are going to return a gift for ANY reason. Also, you should not say that you received the same gift from someone else.

Here is an outline of a typical thank you card:

Salutation: "Dear Mrs. Smith", "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith", "Dear Uncle Dan" and "Dear Sue" are all ways of starting the note depending on your relationship with them.

First sentence: Begin with yourself (and/or spouse). "I would like to thank you..." or "Dan and I would like to thank you...". Let the recipient know who is thanking them.

Mention the gift: Be as specific as possible. Tell the person how nice it is and why. A few descriptive words you can use when they fit the situation are: appropriate, beautiful, charming, elegant, generous, lovely, perfect, special, unique, and useful.

Tell them how you plan to use the gift: In the case of monetary gifts, you should not mention that it was a check, cash or even the exact amount of the gift. An example would be, "Your generous gift is greatly appreciated. We have it earmarked for our house fund."

Thank the person again: Maybe include a personal thought about your relationship with the giver or a special memory of your wedding or event.

Close the note: Give a heartfelt closing with something like "Fondly," "Best regards," "Sincerely," "Love," or "Cordially" and sign your name.

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