Wedding Invitation Accessories

There are many items that can accessorize or are related to wedding invitations, and we have a great selection of all of them. Read more about each invitation accessory below and click on the links to shop our selections.

Wedding Map Cards

There are several reasons for including a map card with your invitations.

  • Inviting out-of-town guests who aren't familiar with the local area surrounding your site.
  • Planning a destination wedding to be held at an out-of-town location.
  • Having your reception at a site that is a distance from where the ceremony is held.

It will be up to you to provide the specific directions and either a hand-drawn or computer-created map if that will be also be included.

These map cards are inserted with your invitations just as a reception card might be and may even be offered to match your invitation design.

Accommodation Cards

Accommodation cards are optional insert pieces that can be included with your wedding invitations. They are a nice convenience for guests who may wish to have overnight sleeping accommodations. The details you provide for one or more local hotels are printed on them so guests can easily make their own reservations, if needed.

Depending on how many out-of-town family and friends are expected to attend, you may want to have a block of rooms put on hold under your name. Sharing that information on the cards should also include the date by which any unused rooms in the block will be released.

If your invitation design doesn't happen to have matching accommodation cards, you can simply have white cards printed with these details.

Wedding Envelope Seals

Decorative self-adhesive wedding envelope seals can add the finishing touch to your invitation ensemble. Their purpose is to hold down the back flap for mailing. In many cases an illusion is actually being created since the flap has already been sealed.

Seals are available in many different designs including themes, monograms, specific colors, special shapes and size variations. Some styles even include the option of including your first names and wedding date.

Usually invitation seals need to be purchased separately. There is, however, a design that includes them since this style easily folds up into its own self-mailing piece - seal and send wedding invitation.

Wedding Stamps

Custom wedding stamps are a great way to add a special touch to your invitation envelopes.

You can choose from pre-designed postage or create your own postage by adding a photo. Many times you also have the option of adding your names and date to be even more personal.

Wedding stamps can also be used for mailing...

Photo stamps would be an excellent choice for engagement announcements, save the date cards, invitations and/or thank you cards. Your engagement picture would be appropriate for your pre-wedding mailings and your favorite wedding photo would be ideal for creating your thank you card postage.

Be sure to take one of your ready-to-mail invites to the Post Office to have it weighed so you can purchase your custom stamps in the correct postage amount.